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Our knowledgeable educated sales staff and professional operators are well respected in the industry and are capable of providing quality services/consultation under any situation. We use state of the art equipment, sound agronomic principles, and quality proven products. We can adjust our programs to meet your individual needs.

DryJect® 21st Century Aeration/
Soil Modification

High pressure water aeration with injection of 5 cubic feet of dry material / 1000 sq ft. at 3"x3" spacing. Relieves compaction, increases aeration porosity, and dilutes organic content. Approximate injection depth 3-4".

Core / Vent Tine Aeration

Relieves compaction, increases soil aeration. Improves microbial activity in the thatch/mat canopy when drug or topdressed. Smoothes surfaces. Varied tine size and spacing to meet your needs.

Verti-Drain Deep Tine Aeration

Provides deeper compaction relief than conventional aeration. Up to 12". Varied tine size and spacing to meet your needs.

Shatter Tine Aeration (Seeding)

Excellent standalone- or pre-treatment for poor or heavily compacted soils and areas requiring seeding.

Spraying, Pest Control Programs

We provide Toro Multi Pro 175 & 300 gallon and 90 gallon tractor mount units. Products and knowledge to assist at any level.

Topdressing; Greens, Tees, Approaches, Sports Fields

We provide 1 cubic yard to 6 cubic yard dual spinner spreaders for compost, sand, and rock free soils.

Core Harvesting/Dragging

Remove cores or drag to break up cores depending on site and goals.

Fertilization/Liming (GPS guided)

We provide a Vicon PS 403tractor mount or dual spinner topdressers depending on product. Lime only on golf turf.

Complete Sports Turf Renovations

Programs based on individual sites, from aeration to soil modification, fertility/weed/pest control programs and seeding.

Soil (Nutrition & Physical)/
Water Sampling

We use numerous labs including Penn State, A McNitt, Hummel & Company, and A&L

Passive Capillary Drainage

Systems based on individual sites using sand channel and porous fiberglass ropes as capillary/free flow outlets. Flowick invented by Dr McCoy (OSU)


Our combined experience and education in Golf and Sports Turf Management can be a sounding board for an exchange of ideas to assist in many situations.