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We offer a variety of quality proven products that we have personally used in our renovations, spraying and consulting work. All of our products have been used successfully on Golf Courses, Athletic Fields and Estates.

Bio Basics Fertilizers
  • Natural Organic, OMRI Certified Pasteurized Poultry Manure
  • Organic and Ally Blends
  • Liquid Fertilizers
SipCam Advan Plant Protectants
  • Fungicides, Insecticides, Growth Regulators, Biorationals and Weed Control
  • Quality proven products at affordable pricing
US Silica Sands
  • US Silica Dry Greens Topdressing, Bunker Sands, Fairway/Sports Turf Topdressings and Construction Mixes.
  • Shipping is handled by our professional staff.
Profile Products Soil Amendments
  • Profile Golf / Turface Athletics
  • Porous ceramic soil conditioners to improve turf and infield conditions in all weather.
Lebanon Turf Fertilizer Products
  • Par Ex IBDU Fertilizers
  • ProScape, Lebanon Pro Fertilizers/Control Products
Old Castle Lime Products
  • Bulk and Bagged Pro Select/Micro Select
  • Calcitic, Dolomitic, Gypsum
  • Mag/Cal Turf Pro (formulated with organic acid for improved release characteristics)
Lanco Manufacturing Topdressers
  • Makers of quality spinner topdressers, 1-6 cubic yds.
  • PTO/Engine hydraulics tow units
  • Truckster mount/hydraulic
Amega Sciences Wetting Agents/Spray Supplies
  • Quality Spray Supplies (pattern indicators, anti foam, foam, cleaners)
  • Lake Dyes (black, blue)
  • Wetting Agents (granular, tablets, liquids) Three-in-one Mode of Action (penetrant, spreader, re-wetting)